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XTOOL F1 Laser

XTOOL F1 Laser

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The first galvanometric type laser engraver from F1 xTool, with 10W blue light and 2W red light for fast engraving and cutting of objects. xTool F1 can engrave at a maximum speed of 4000mm/s, allowing you to finish a project in the blink of an eye.

  • 2W IR laser + 10W diode laser
  • Super Fast: 400mm/s engraving speed
  • Portable and handheld

    The fastest and best of its kind

    Adopting the TURE industrial-grade galvanometric system, the xTool F1 ensures the outstanding laser performance.

    Experience the true engraving speed of 400mm/s

    The very high engraving speed is achieved thanks to the advanced galvo technology. By precisely rotating and adjusting the x-axis and y-axis mirrors of the galvanometer at high speed, the mirrors deflect the laser beam at various angles towards engraved objects in no time.

    Watch the engraving accuracy of 0.003mm

    Made of metal with sturdy construction and precise control of the moving laser beam, xTool F1 ensures high engraving accuracy. All the small details of the engraving can be clearly shown.

    Laser engraving

    The world's first laser engraver integrating a 2W 1064nm infrared laser with a 10W 455nm diode laser. Dual lasers combine the advantages1 of the two, bringing the best engraving result and expanding the range of materials that can be engraved.

    10W Blue Diode Laser

     2W IR 1064 laser

    Laser cut

    The 10W blue laser provides the xTool F1 with enough power to directly cut materials after engraving. The power is sufficient to cut up to 8 mm of wood and up to 5 mm of acrylic.

    Smart in design

    Different from the time-consuming manual adjustment of traditional engravers, the xTool F1 offers an easier and more efficient way to set up the machine.

    Auto/manual focus

    Car: enter the material thickness into the software, the laser head will automatically move to keep it in focus

    Manual: rotate the knob to adjust the height of the laser head to make sure that the two red dots overlap.

    Laser engraving preview

    Preview the design exactly at the position you need to engrave with the harmless light at high speed.


    Fully protected to engrave anywhere

    The fully closed lid blocks the powerful laser lights and unpleasant smoke inside. With a built-in fan and air purifier that quickly extracts smoke and odor, you can etch in a private space or display it in public with complete peace of mind.

    Create from inspiration

    Fulfill all your creativity from start to finish, from your phone to your laptop. xTool F1 comes with FREE XCS software and is Lightburn compatible.

    xTool Creative Space: Free all-in-one laser cutting software for graphic design, editing, laser processing and machine control.

    LightBurn: supports advanced editing operation and high-level customization

    Accessories: Switch to the complete set

    Support 90% cylinder engraving scenarios: xTool F1 is compatible with RA2pro which allows you to experience cylinder engraving at high speed.


    Larger workspace by extension: apply high-speed engraving to more workspace. Engrave on the fretboard, now you can make bigger signs.

    Clean cut finish: protects the bottom plate of the xTool F1 from laser scratches and gives materials a cleaner, smoother cut finish.

    Smart design makes all the difference

    Double Layer Filtration: the cover can filter the harmful light of 455nm diode laser and 1064nm infrared laser. You can also use safety glasses while processing for added safety (purchased separately).

    The coverage remains at any height: the xTool F1 cover can be adjusted to any position and remain at the height, protecting materials from damage.

    Desktop Protection: the small holes in the base plate used to stabilize the support frame are not penetrable. Protect your desktop from working laser light.

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