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Snapmaker J1 3D printer features dual independent extruder (IDEX), ultra-fast print speed and smoothing optimization. With cast and machined parts, linear guides, intuitive software, and user-centric design, the J1 is also refined and robust.

  • Bi-material printing
  • Detachable mounts and dissolvable mounts for effortless removal
  • Copy Mode and Mirror Mode that double your productivity
  • Print speed up to 350mm/s and acceleration up to 10000mm/s²
  • Maximum rigidity thanks to one-piece die casting, high precision linear guides and aluminum alloy frame
  • Intuitive 5-inch touchscreen

    Quick index print

    Compared to a multi-material unit on a single extruder, IDEX bi-material printing requires less time replacing filament and creates less waste. Additionally, IDEX offers the cleanest two-extruder solution that prevents cross-contamination.

    Print in parallel

    Halve waiting times, double productivity. IDEX is the only extrusion system with two separate extruders that move independently on the X axis, allowing you to make two prints simultaneously.

    Copy mode : Print two identical objects at once. It is especially suitable for batch printing, to empower studios and enthusiasts. If one of the prints encounters a problem, you can stop it without affecting the other. This mode is a real panacea for a promised delivery in a short time.

    Mirror Mode : J1 directly mirrors your model and prints the original and the mirrored one in one go. For a symmetrical model, you can import half of it and print it in Mirror mode to reduce wait time by 50%, perfect for quick drafts and concept models. As in Copy mode, you can interrupt one print without affecting the other.

    Vibration compensation

    J1 offers a top-of-the-category print speed of 350 mm/s, while ensuring high print resolution. This is made possible by the optimization of the vibration compensation technology. This technology reduces vibration caused by high-speed movement, minimizing ringing to improve print quality. With the maximum acceleration of 10,000 mm/s², small detailed models can be efficiently produced.

    Optimization of seamless extruder switching and curvature

    During dual extrusion printing, the non-working extruder preheats while in standby and starts printing immediately after the working extruder exits, significantly reducing wait times. By analyzing the movement directions of the extruders in advance, J1 can prevent problems such as corner swelling, resulting in better print quality at the corners.

    Speed ​​ensured by an elaborate hardware design

    One-Piece Die Casting: J1's body includes a one-piece die-cast upper frame and base and four aluminum alloy bars. Building the body with a few highly integrated parts, an approach long adopted by the automotive industry, facilitates precision assembly. J1 is so stiff and reliable with minimal possible wobble and warping that you can print large projects one after another for a long time and get all prints in uncompromising quality.

    High precision linear guides : Industrial-grade linear guides are made by CNC grinding to the micron level, ensuring smooth and constant movements. A significant increase in accuracy, stiffness and durability to let you enjoy a fast, accurate and consistent manufacturing experience.

    Aluminum alloy frame : J1 inherits Snapmaker's iconic all-metal design that users highly appreciate for its rigidity and durability. Provides better heat dissipation with the main board and power supply distributed on the base and aluminum alloy as the main material. All electronics well oiled, at your command.

    Detachable and dissolvable supports

    Building and unsupporting may seem like rocket science at times, but we've done the math for you: stable support, clean interface, effortless removal, and minimal post-processing needed to maintain high dimensional accuracy. Detachable filament offers the same support as regular materials but is much easier to remove without the need for additional post-processing. J1 supports PVA and other soluble materials. By dipping the print, the supports dissolve, resulting in a smooth surface and excellent dimensional accuracy. When you're looking for intricate geometry, hollow structures, and exquisite detail, this is for you.

    Bi-material printing

    In one print, you get the most out of two sets of properties. Combine the strength of nylon with the flexibility of TPU for functional parts. It also prints multi-part objects. Without assemblage, the object achieves stronger interconnections, making it less prone to compromise.

    Advanced extruder technology

    300°C Hot Ends: the maximum nozzle temperature of 300°C is useful when printing with high temperature filaments, such as nylon, reinforced nylon and PC. With silicone hot end socks that prevent heat loss, the filaments melt and heat up much faster. Anti-clog designs make the flow as smooth as possible.

    Dual Direct Drives: excellent extrusion precision which aids in the extrusion of flexible filaments, together with the high reactivity of the dual directed drives to make the deposition faster, more uniform and more precisely controlled. It is integrated with a filament sensor to notify you and pause your print job if you run out of filament, nozzle clogging and other abnormalities that fail to load filament.

    Compact extrusion path: the compact extrusion path of a unique design allows you to print smoothly with TPU and many other flexible materials.

    Closed space: provides stable environmental conditions to facilitate consistently reliable performance of high temperature materials. For example, it prevents ABS and many other materials from warping.

    Calibration done easily

    We use electrical conduction to locate the two hot ends and the heated bed and measure the distances between the three entities, a creative solution to the complex IDEX calibration. This time saver allows you to complete the calibration in 10 minutes in Assist mode. Taking off the calibration card and judgment call, it reduces errors and comes to better accuracy.

    Hands-free XY Offset Calibration: when the two hot ends touch the square opening on the heated bed, it sends electronic signals to suggest their exact locations, and J1 calculates the offsets between them. J1 then automatically compensates for offsets during printing to ensure perfect XY alignment which avoids layer shifting and improves the success rate of dual material prints. It takes away the long learning curve and saves you from poring over a bunch of lines. Tap start and relax for high accuracy.

    Tool-free bed leveling: a leveled print bed sets the stage for successful 3D prints, but leveling the bed of IDEX printers can be time consuming. Using a high flatness PEI glass plate, the J1 can scale down from a 3×3 (9 point) or 4×4 (16 point) level to a 3 point level with no compromise on flatness and reduced downtime by 70 –80%. Turn the leveling wheel as directed on the touchscreen and the bed is leveled for first layer adhesion at the tip.

    Easily Managed Z Offset Calibration: using electrical conduction, J1 is able to calculate distances between the hot ends and the heated bed. Therefore, we were able to reduce the step of moving the calibration board back and forth when adjusting the Z offset. Just turn the wheel as guided on the touchscreen and you are now the Z-offset calibration guru!

    Custom PEI glass plate

    The J1's build plate is made of glass with absolute flatness, making your first layer smooth and sticky. Polished glass on one side and PEI coating on the other, promoting the adhesion of various filaments. The plate can be easily removed so that it is extremely useful for maintenance and print removal.

    Easy to replace hot ends

    Loosen the two screws on the hot tip, attach or replace the hot tip, and get right back to printing. For the adventurer looking for more variations and advanced applications, we offer multi-diameter hot ends from 0.2mm for fine detail to 0.8mm for faster printing and hardened hot ends for technical materials

    Built-in wipers

    Scrape excess materials from nozzles and stop the flow from the newly activated extruder to free multi-material prints from lumps and strings. The extruder can start its print job online without waiting for the one just active to cool down. Switching between extruders takes significantly less time, again minimizing downtime.

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