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Whether you want your prints polished to the same brilliant mirror finish as polished bronze coins or to a naturally rustic finish with an acquired patina reminiscent of an aged bronze sculpture, the possibilities of this special metallic PLA filament are endless . With so many finishing options, the sky is the limit!

Here are just a few common metal composite filament finishing techniques you may want to try:

  • Heat treating your HTPLA print to withstand the harshest environments such as the hot sun or a hot polishing pad (more details below)
  • Wire brush to expose metal for future oxidation or for a shiny, satin finish
  • Tumbled rock with steel texture for a darker but smooth and shiny appearance
  • Paint a portion (for example black) to fill the recesses with a contrasting color
  • Polish using a rotary tool, cotton polishing compound, and buffing compound for a bright, high-gloss finish on high points (dark low points).
  • Polish with paper for a clean, smooth, shiny finish with less darkening
  • Patina (oxidize) exposed metal naturally or speed it up with a 50/50 vinegar/hydrogen peroxide mixture saturated with salt. Place in a sealed plastic bag to retain moisture. Heat further accelerates the reaction.

Try these techniques separately or combine them! Change the order or try something new. If you discover a new technique, make something beautiful, or discover something unexpected, share it! Once you have the perfect WOW finish, consider using a clear coat or a water-based, food-safe, dishwasher-safe brush like Modge Podge. Practice finishing a test piece like Protognome (download here).

Application areas

Preliminary heat treatment to strengthen the HTPLA helps the parts maintain their shape until almost melted (175°C). Protect your investment in hot environments or expand application limits by studying the thermal conductivity of copper. There isn't enough copper to be electrically conductive, sintered, or plated, but there is a noticeable difference in weight and heat transfer.

Some application ideas are:

  • Brick or artificial stone
  • devices or hardware
  • Buttons or buttons
  • Heat sink or heat exchanger
  • Fine arts and sculpture
  • Emblems, signage or trophies
  • Jewelry, such as pendants or bracelets
  • Cosplay, game pieces or figures

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