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PIPPY – Dog Robot with Raspberry

PIPPY – Dog Robot with Raspberry

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PIPPY is an open source bionic robot with the appearance of a dog controlled via Raspberry Pi. It is equipped with a series of sensors thanks to which it is able to perform various functions including following tracking lines, avoiding obstacles, self-balancing, detecting movement and recognizing colors. It can be controlled remotely from a smartphone and PC via a special WEB page. Dedicated APIs written in Python are available to create customized programs, and it is also possible to download demo source code to test its functionality. PIPPY is supplied complete with a Raspberry Pi 4 type B card with 2GB of memory and a 16GB micro SD.

  • The PIPPY robot works with 2 2600mAh 18650 batteries and can be recharged during use. Batteries are not included and must be purchased separately.
  • It integrates a Li-ion battery protection circuit, HY2120 + AO4406A, for overcharging, overdischarging, current overloads and short circuits.
  • APW7313 voltage regulator on board which allows you to guarantee a voltage of 5V to the Raspberry board.
  • 9-DoF motion sensor ICM20948 for the movement and self-balancing of PIPPY.
  • OLED display for monitoring the battery charge status.
  • Equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, which allows it to avoid obstacles, and an OV5647 wide-angle camera, useful for line tracking as well as environmental monitoring.
Watch the assembly video
WEB control page for PC
Smartphone control WEB page
Self-balancing function
5MPX HD camera with wide angle
Motion Detection function
Color recognition and tracking
Ultrasonic sensor
Line follower
Technical specifications
  • Robot type: bionic dog
  • Control module: Raspberry Pi 4 Type B with 2GB memory
  • Programming language: Python
  • OS: Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian)
  • Camera: 5MP HD, 160° FOV wide angle
  • Display: 0.91″ OLED, 128×32 pixels
  • WIFI Mode: AP mode (self-configuring hotspot) / STA mode (connection to a router)
  • Protection: over-charging/over-discharging, over-current, short circuits
  • Power supply: 8.4V, 2x 18650 batteries in series, rechargeable during use (batteries not included)
  • Servo: MG90S metal gear servo
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Green colour
  • Assembled robot dimensions: 191.55 x 108.02 x 165.61 mm
Package contents
  1. Raspberry Pi 4 type B 2GB
  2. Micro SD Card 16GB
  3. PIPPY metal houses
  4. PIPPY base board
  5. RPi Camera (G)
  6. Acrylic spacer for RPi Camera
  7. Ultrasound module
  8. 4 PIN jumper cable
  9. Cross key
  10. Micro SD card reader
  11. Micro metal gear servo x8
  12. EU standard adapter
  13. 8.4V power supply
  14. Screwdriver
  15. Screws and spacers

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