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PGYTECH MAVIC AIR 2S CPL Filter (Professional)

PGYTECH MAVIC AIR 2S CPL Filter (Professional)

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Waterproof, oil resistant, scratch resistant coating

German SCHOTT optical glass
Multiple correction for high definition images
Quick release design
Extremely light, yet sturdy

Compatibility :

DJI Air 2S

The CPL filter eliminates glare from reflective surfaces, such as water, snow or even glass windows when flying outdoors. Increase the color saturation and clarity of the image to create more expressive and vivid images. Perfect for a stronger contrast between the blue sky and the white clouds. Filters reflected light from water or glass efficiently. Rotate to change its polarizing effect.

Extremely light, yet robust without affecting the drone's performance.

The CNC Aviation aluminum frame makes the filter extremely light, yet sturdy. It is corrosion resistant and carefully designed to not affect the balance of your drone.

German SCHOTT optical glass for high definition images.

The filter uses German SCHOTT glass as its base material, which has been sanded and polished several times to create a low refractive index for accurate color photo capture.

Coating on both sides which makes it resistant to water, oil and scratches.

The double-sided, multilayer coating of the filter repels water and oil, making it easy to clean. The hard coating of the filter also makes it resistant to scratches.

Reduces reflections without color variations

The filter's optical glass contains a coating that reduces reflection to maintain color accuracy and balance.

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