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Modifi3D Finish

Modifi3D Finish

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Fundamental toolset for finishing your 3D projects!

Modifi3D is a useful and practical finishing tool, which is used for the post-treatment of 3D printing models.

With Modifi3D you can easily repair small errors and make the printing precise, through the refinement of details.

The tool is equipped with 4 different accessories and a metal handle.

Powered via a USB port. The device heats up in about 15 seconds to 300 ¬į C.

Finishing your 3D prints should be easy and never a heavy job. Just plug in the USB, tap the switch and in less than 15 seconds you're ready to go. You will be able to remove any unwanted material or modify your print without having to redesign and print again!

Place MODIFI3D ORIGINAL on its stand and in 25 seconds it will go into sleep mode (a basic stand is included but you can print your stand / tool holder with our downloadable 3D file upon request).

1. Remove the protective cap (if used) and place MODIFI3D ORIGINAL on the included stand.

2. Connect the USB (USB 2.0 or 3.0 recommended).

3. Touch the metal switch to start heating. A red light indicates that MODIFI3D ORIGINAL is on.

3. In less than 15 seconds MODIFI3D will reach about 300¬ļC and is ready for use. To increase the temperature or reach the maximum of 420-450¬ļC continue touching the metal switch until the required temperature is reached.

4. If MODIFI3D is not used for 25 seconds, it will enter sleep mode (the light goes out and the tip starts to cool down). To reactivate MODIFI3D simply touch the switch gently and the heating process will continue.

5. Always disconnect the USB if MODIFI3D is not used.

1. To change tips, unplug the USB and allow to cool completely.

2. Unscrew the lock nut and pull out the tip

3. Push in the replacement tip fully and tighten the lock nut

4. Plug in the USB ... Easy!

Over time you may want to clean the interchangeable tips. We recommend using a damp sponge to remove any plastic residue or residue from the tips. It works best while the tips are still hot (but obviously not hot enough to pose a burn risk). Make sure the USB is unplugged and the tips have cooled down to a safe temperature.

Do not use abrasive cleaning products. This can damage the special coating on the tips.

The package includes:

  • Modifi3D Finishing Tool
  • 4 different tips
  • Metal handle
  • USB cable (length 1.5m)

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