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The Tobbie 2 Robot with micro:bit – in Kit

The Tobbie 2 Robot with micro:bit – in Kit

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Tobbie II is a robot to be built (in kit form), composed of 6 legs and a body free to rotate, equipped with all the necessary electronic components, including a motor, an infrared sensor and a buzzer to make it active and interactive for maximum fun.

Ideal in combination with Micro:bit : using your creative skills and imagination you can write code and program it easily with Javascript Blocks Editor or Python Editor on your PC, laptop or smartphone.

There is no need to download additional software or drivers. Thanks to this pocket-sized, programmable board, coding and programming become simple, accessible and interesting so that even children can learn and practice.

Thanks to the main features of BBC Micro:bit listed below, Tobbie II has infinite potential and will stimulate your imagination and enthusiasm.

Build this kit and discover the fun of electronics, mechanics and hydraulics!


Technical features
  • Number of pieces: 118
  • Micro:bit card: included
  • USB – micro USB cable: Yes, included
  • Kit contents:
  • – parts for assembly
    – richly illustrated assembly instructions in Italian
  • Recommended age: 14+
  • Micro:bit programs available for download:
    – Explorer
    - Follow me
    – Sing and dance
    – Luminous locator
    - Thermometer
    – Calculator
    – Paper-Scissors-Rock
    - Nut
    – Notice board
    - Compass
    – Bowling
    – Remote control app (for Android 5.0 or later)
  • Power: 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions (mm): 136.8×125.8×176
Programming environments
  • MICROSOFT PXT (BETA) is a programming environment created by Microsoft (still in beta version) that supports both a Scratch-style block graphical environment and the Javascript language.
  • PYTHON was and still is in development to allow programming of microcontrollers in a Python-compatible language. The opportunity to use the Python language allows for continuity, in a hypothetical educational path, towards the use of more complex systems such as microcomputers capable of hosting GNU/Linux, such as the Raspberry Pi series.
  • MICROSOFT BLOCK EDITOR is a visual editor very similar to Scratch and represents the starting point for those who want to start programming. Like Scratch it is very simple to use but it is not a toy. It allows you to
    deepen structured programming and event management. The method of composing a program consists of choosing the blocks that represent the instructions, dragging them into the editor panel, configuring them in the customizable parts and "fitting" them correctly.
  • MICROSOFT TOUCH DEVELOP was developed to create programs for the micro:bit using tablets or other devices equipped with a touch screen. Obviously it can also be used by normal PCs using a keyboard and mouse.
  • JAVASCRIPT is a development environment that allows those who have made progress in programming to develop programs using the textual syntax of Javascript, with a guided editor that supports the "click and drag" method for composing lines and blocks of code .
Technical characteristics of micro:bit
  • 25 red LEDs that can be lit with different intensities to create drawings, animations and games.
  • Two buttons that can be managed via program to customize its behavior.
  • A reset and restart button.
  • An accelerometer capable of detecting and recognizing different types of movement such as shaking, rotations and free fall. Useful for making a motion sensor or animated games.
  • An electronic compass capable of detecting orientation and rotation in degrees with respect to North. A further use could be as a (magnetic) metal detector.
  • A USB connector to connect the micro:bit to your PC to load software programs.
  • A connector for external power.
  • A Bluetooth Smart Technology module that allows you to connect the micro:bit with other devices equipped with the same technology such as other micro:bits, PCs, smartphones, Bluetooth kits, tablets and cameras.
  • A temperature sensor capable of detecting ambient temperature.
  • A connector with 24 pins, five of which have pads suitable for connection with crocodile clips. Analog and digital I/O, communication bus and other functions described in more detail below are available on the connector.

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