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FormLabs Form 3L Basic Package

FormLabs Form 3L Basic Package

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Print volume of 33.5×20×30cm , you can print one large model or a large number of small parts in one go.

With each Formlabs Form 3L a one-year manufacturer's warranty (Pro Service Plan) is included.

Form 3L Basic package

1 x Form 3L 3D printer
1 Form 3L Resin Tank
1 Form 3L Build Platform
1 Form 3L Finish Kit (wash cup and cleaning tools)
Preform software
Pro Service plan for one year

Formlabs Form 3L Basic Package

Large format 3D printer, with the power of Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) technology

The basic Form 3L package includes:

formlabs 3d printer

Formlabs Form 3L printer

Print volume 33.5 √ó 20 √ó 30cm
XY resolution 25őľm
Laser power 250mW
Layer thickness 25 - 300őľm

Resin tank V2

A key component of the LFS process, the strong, dual-layer film coating on the bottom of the Form 3L Resin Tank enables a dynamic and precise printing process, adapted for large format printing.

Form 3L Build Platform

The Form 3L build platform allows you to make large prints and has two side handles that allow you to easily transport the printed part.

Form 3 Finish Kit: Cleaning Tool

Includes drying tray, reservoir tool, tweezers, scraper, removal tool, build platform jig, rinse bottle, battery-powered solvent pump, wire cutters, and disposable nitrile gloves .

One year warranty

The included warranty ensures access to support resources for added peace of mind.
One year warranty
Email support
Resources on request via the support site

Pro Service Plan

The Pro Service Plan is a service plan provided by Formlabs and includes:
  • Direct contact with Formlabs engineers

    Direct line with Pro Service technicians and priority email assistance from Formlabs specialists.

  • Custom training based on your needs

    a 60-minute video call training course with Pro Service technicians, customized according to your needs.

  • Replacement printer

    Ensure continued uptime: If your printer ever needs to be repaired or replaced, Formlabs will send you a replacement immediately.

  • Guarantee for the duration of the plan

    Choose the Pro Service Plan that best suits your needs

Formlabs Form 3L 3D printer

Small details, big results

Print large parts quickly

There Form 3L offers five times the build volume and twice the laser power of the Form 3.

High resolution touchscreen interface:
The 5.5-inch color pen display minimizes errors and eliminates the need for constant monitoring.

Automatic Print Settings:
PreForm, our free print preparation software, tested on millions of projects, automatically suggests the optimal settings for orientation, media and layout, giving you the possibility to make manual changes if necessary.

Continuous evolution:
We believe that good products should get better over time, and we are committed to continually evolving our hardware through software updates.

Monitoring from the cloud:
Remotely monitor and manage your fleet of printers with the online Dashboard.

Quick Print Materials:
Draft resin combines a high level of detail with print speed to save you time on large prototypes and enable rapid iteration.

Field Repairs:
Light Processing Units, rollers, optical windows and other components can be replaced in-house, enabling 24/7 operation.

Outstanding part quality

You no longer have to sacrifice quality to get large prints. The Form 3L lets you create parts with the smooth surface finish and fine detail that stereolithography 3D printing is known for.

XY resolution 25őľm
Layer thickness 25 ‚Äď 300őľm

Smooth surface finish:
Models printed with the Form 3L look like parts created by injection molding and then polished, allowing for aesthetically realistic prototyping and production of consumer-ready end-use parts.

Uniform accuracy:
A system of lasers and mirrors ensures uniform print quality, with an XY resolution of 25 microns across the entire surface of the print platform.

High Translucency:
With improved layer registration and a smooth surface finish, translucent materials print sharper than ever straight from the printer.

Shipping and Warranty

All products available in stock will be delivered with an average timing of 24/48 hours.

Italy warranty with dedicated consulting support, contact us!

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