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Formlabs Castable Wax Resin | 1 L

Formlabs Castable Wax Resin | 1 L

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Use Formlabs Castable Wax Resin to produce highly detailed jewelry by creating parts by direct investment casting and requiring minimal finishing (no post-curing required). Parts printed in Castable Wax Resin are strong enough to be used for prototyping and testing before production.

Castable Wax Resin is a material that contains 20% wax and allows you to easily print both light and bulky models. The parts printed in Castable WaxResin they are ready to cast after washing without the need for post-curing, thus offering a fast and clean burn and an optimized casting process.

Understanding the step-by-step workflow, recommendations, burnout schedules, and considerations specific to this resin is critical to successfully designing, printing, preparing, and casting models with Castable Wax Resin.

Recommended for:

  • Direct investment casting:
    • jewelry of all kinds
    • jewelery with delicate details such as filigree, pav√© geometries, thin walls and refined surface details
    • large parts intended for casting
  • Prototyping and testing of jewels

Not suitable for:

  • Finished or functional parts

Printer Compatibility : Form 2, Form 3, Form 3B, Form 3L, Form 3BL, Form 3+, Form 3B+

Resin Tank Compatibility : Form 2 LT Tank, Form 3/3B Resin Tank V1, Form 3/3B Resin Tank V2, Form 3/3B Resin Tank V2.1, Form 3L/3BL Resin Tank V1

Build Platform Compatibility : Form 3 Build Platform 2

Material properties

Castable Wax Resin is an acrylate photopolymer containing liquid wax to allow for a burnout process similar to traditional wax.

Prints made with Castable Wax Resin exhibit high mechanical strength in the raw state when compared to parts printed with Castable Resin, which requires post-curing. Due to this high strength, Castable Wax Resin is particularly suitable for large patterns and patterns with delicate details that require highly detailed surfaces.

The table below shows the most relevant material properties:

Castable WaxResin V1
Raw 1
Color Viola
Tensile breaking load 22.5MPa
Young's modulus 0.94GPa
Elongation at break 13%
Temp. at 5% mass loss 249¬įC
Ash content (TGA) 0.0-0.1%

1 Data obtained from raw parts printed on the Form 2 at 50 microns with Castable Wax Resin settings and no additional treatments.

To learn more about the properties and performance of different types of Formlabs resin, please visit our Material Datasheet catalog .

Resources required

Formlabs branded products:

  • Form 2 or Form 3 3D printer with updated firmware
  • PreForm software (latest version)
  • Printing platform
  • resin tank
  • Castable WaxResin
  • Form Wash or Finish Kit
  • Form Cure

Third party products:

  • Jewelery specific CAD software, such as JewelCAD or RhinoGold
  • Recommended casting material:
    • For standard combustion plan: Certus Prestige Optima
    • For short burn plan: Nobilium Microfire
  • Combustion furnace up to 750 ¬įC
  • Melt equipment (vacuum chamber and melt system, such as Indutherm MC or Neutec J2R series)
  • Compressed air
  • Sandpaper (400 grit or higher)

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