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DJI Flight Simulator

DJI Flight Simulator

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Embrace drone technology as an integral part of working with the DJI Flight Simulator - a professional pilot training software that uses DJI's flight control technology to recreate the natural flying experience.

Immerse yourself in an authentic flying experience


This business-tailored software allows you to hone your piloting skills without the potential risks and costs associated with real-life training. Every aspect of DJI's unique flight control technology is analyzed and adapted to create the most realistic simulated flight experience.

Fly in a realistic environment

Experience feedback from your surroundings just like you would flying a real drone.

Effects of wind, soil and shocks

A training module to improve each skill

dji_skills_training dji_free_flight dji_application_training
Skill training Free fly Application training
Perfect your piloting skills with exercises: basic flight drills, position and route flight training, and hands-on tests. Gain piloting experience by exploring a variety of environments and adapting to different flight conditions. Be prepared for your operations with specific tasks such as power line inspections or search and rescue missions.

Smooth connectivity


Configure and access Flight Simulator easily thanks to its seamless connection to Windows PC and DJI remote controls.

Compatible remote controls: Phantom Series, Mavic Air.

Supported drones


Several drones from the Mavic, Phantom, Inspire and Matrice 200 series are supported.


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