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Chasing F1 Drone for fishing

Chasing F1 Drone for fishing

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Chasing F1 is a wireless full HD hi-tech digital fishfinder designed for all types of fishing. F1 provides intelligent information about the underwater terrain, your surroundings, other objects below, and the position of fish in the water.

Thanks to the camera that records up to 30fps in 1080p, this drone shows the fisherman what the situation is under the surface of the water. In case the underwater brightness becomes insufficient, due to the time of day, the depth or the murky water, the camera can rely on the infrared sensor.

The camera detector can be controlled via APP using the built-in auto reel, and the maximum depth range is 28 meters.

Chasing F1 has a vector layout propulsion system with four thrusters. APP-controlled horizontal movements in all directions make finding fish faster and more accurate.

Once the point where the fish are most numerous has been identified, the drone can maintain the position using the GPS module, or use the geolocation to return to the starting point (a boat or on shore) both as a safety mechanism if it exceeds the range of wifi control (30 meters maximum), or as a choice of the pilot, by making a single click on the dedicated app (available for iOS and Android).

Applicable to all types of fishing:

  • Bring the hook to the predetermined fishing spot
  • Help night fishing with infrared light
  • Detect the distribution of fish schools and their species in real time
  • Adjust the depth of the float based on the returned depth readings
  • Observe the underwater environment to avoid hanging up
  • Recording of fishing spots and automatic navigation with GPS
  • Live streaming or video recording of the fishing process

Main features

  • Sony IMX307 stellar camera sensor
  • Effective WiFi distance: 30 meters
  • GPS positioning system
  • Infrared sensor
  • Maximum working depth: 28 metres
  • Operating temperature: -10° ~ 45°
  • Replaceable battery
  • Run time: 4~6 hours
  • Optional mounting accessories
  • One-click streaming and sharing
drone subacqueo
drone subacqueo
drone subacqueo

Mount for bait boat, depth sounder and other accessories to mount

Chasing F1 supports other modules like the sonar or the bait holder , a small floating container that can be connected to the drone to empty the load in a strategic point where the fish can flock.

drone subacqueo
drone subacqueo

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