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Sharebot ONE bundle

Sharebot ONE bundle

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The Sharebot ONE Bundle Includes:

  • Sharebot ONE printer
  • 2 spools of PLA-ONE filament


  • Slicing Continuum software (downloadable by filling out the form at the link
  • Online Course (downloadable by filling out the form at the link


write to

indicating the serial number of the printer

Sharebot One
The affordable desktop 3D printer that offers the possibility to create objects with high resolution ( up to 80 microns ).

Small and compact with a rounded design, it offers a printing area of 150x150x150 mm which allows to create highly complex models. Thank you to the auto-leveling functionality the printer can print right out of the box without having to waste time in lengthy bed calibration processes.

The print resolution allows to obtain details of the highest level that faithfully reproduce the original model.
It is equipped with Wi-Fi connections and Internet and mounts a indoor camera for print monitoring.

CONTINUUM Slicing Software
Sharebot Continuum is the intuitive and complete system for filament 3D printing, able to better manage the printing parameters for Sharebot printers.

Based on Ultimaker Cura, it allows you to perform all the operations necessary to make 3D prints of the highest quality. Continuum allows you to switch from the 3D model to the print file in less than 3 clicks, also for expert users it is possible to enable an advanced parameter configuration menu to create customized print profiles.

PLA-S ONE filament
PLA (Polylactic Acid) is the most used 3D printing material both by makers and by the most experienced printers. This is because it is extremely easy to print, is the cheapest, and offers a good surface finish and good tensile strength. It is biodegradable

PLA-S ONE is optimized for Sharebot ONE, it can be inserted inside the integrated reel holder and guarantees high print quality and guaranteed repeatability.

Online course
Video tutorial "first print" with the Sharebot One printer.

Additional features of the Sharebot ONE printer

Piano Shape-Memory

Sharebot One integrates an innovative heated print bed that flexes without bending, this allows you to detach the finished models without having to use other tools. Resistant up to 100 ¬į C, it supports the printing of PLA and ABS without any problem thanks to the texture present on the surface that guarantees adhesion to the surface.
Each print bed is subjected to a 400-hour bending test which ensures its flatness under tension.

Easy-Detach extruder

Sharebot One uses a stainless steel nozzle with Easy-Detach structure that allows you to replace the latter effortlessly by pressing the clips on the extruder structure. Equipped with a turbo fan that guarantees stable temperatures, the printer heats up in less than 50 seconds and is ready to use. Furthermore, thanks to the Bowden structure of the extruder, the print head is light and therefore free from additional vibrations.
All these technical features ensure the quality of Sharebot One as an economical but professional 3D printer, intended for the desks of every home.

  • Printing material: PLA
  • Maximum printing height: 150 mm
  • Maximum printing width: 150 mm
  • Maximum printing depth: 150 mm
  • Number of nozzles: 1
  • Print nozzle diameter: 0.04mm
  • Heated Print Bed: Yes

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