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Articulated plexiglass robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom and rotating base

Articulated plexiglass robotic arm with 4 degrees of freedom and rotating base

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Explore the world of automation with our Plexiglass Articulated Robotic Arm. This complete kit gives you everything you need to build a versatile and functional robotic arm, featuring 4 degrees of freedom and a 180° rotating base. With the ability to manage the 5 servos via Arduino or other electronic devices, you can program the robotic arm to perform a wide range of tasks.

The included gripper can be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical position, offering flexibility in gripping objects of different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the gripper is able to rotate +/- 90° at the wrist level, allowing for precise and controlled movement.

The kit includes everything needed for assembly: 3 analog RC servos with 13 kg•cm metal gears, ideal for arm movement and rotation of the base, plus 2 mini 1.2 kg•cm servos for control and rotation of the gripper. The kit is completed by laser-cut plexiglass parts to guarantee perfect precision in the structure of the arm.

For easy assembly, the kit also includes servo extensions, a single-ball steel fifth wheel for rotating the support base and all the necessary metal hardware.
The robotic arm is supplied in an assembly box, complete with a manual in Italian full of explanatory images.

Note that the control electronics are not included , but you can consult the related products to find the options best suited to your needs.

Technical features
  • Arm:
    – Arm and forearm length (mm): 160
    – Maximum arm height (mm): 270
    – Maximum height reached from the wrist (mm): 310
    – Maximum extension (caliper included) (mm): 400
    – Arm rotation on support base: 180°
    – Support base dimensions (mm): 145×145
    – Vertex pliers with arched jaws
    – Driven by 5 servo controls
    – Lifting capacity at the wrist: 250 g
    – Weight: 850 grams
  • Pliers:
    – Maximum jaw opening (mm): 65
    – Jaw length (mm): 45
  • Servo RC 13 kg•cm:
    – Operating speed: 0.17 s / 60 degrees (@ 4.8 V without load)
    – Operating speed: 0.13 s / 60 degrees (@ 6 V no load)
    – Torque: 9.4 kg cm (@ 4.8 V)
    – Stall torque: 13 kg cm (@ 6 V)
    – Power supply: 4.8 to 6 V
    – Metal gears
    – Dimensions (mm): 40.7 x 19.7 x 42.9
    – Weight: 55 grams
  • Servo RC 1.2 kg•cm:
    – Operating speed: 0.12 s / 60 degrees (@ 4.8 V without load)
    – Operating speed: 0.11 s / 60 degrees (@ 6 V no load)
    – Torque: 1.2 kg cm (@ 4.8 V)
    – Torque: 1.5 kg cm (@ 6 V)
    – Power supply: 4.8 to 6 V
    – Gears in plastic material
    – Dimensions (mm): 22x12x29
    – Weight: 9 grams
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