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BCN3D Omega I60

BCN3D Omega I60

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BCN3D Omega I60 is a high-speed all-in-one industrial 3D printer with IDEX system, actively heated chamber, material handling station with controlled humidity and temperature and large print volume of 450 x 300 x 450mm | 60 litres.

BCN3D Omega I60 It is an industrial filament 3D printer all-in-one high-speed technology that allows you to create large, robust prototypes and end-use parts, such as tooling, jigs and fixtures.

Omega I60 is equipped with an updated version of the IDEX technology patented by BCN3D, which doubles productivity by using both heads simultaneously.

It boasts a print volume of 60 liters and a heated chamber that reaches up to 70ºC, enabling the printing of robust, large-scale parts in engineering-grade materials.

The printer is equipped with a temperature and humidity controlled materials handling system.

Furthermore, it uses a direct-drive 1.75mm high-speed extruder, capable of reaching speeds of up to 300mm/s.

Key features of the new Omega I60

Updated IDEX system

Improved Independent Dual Extrusion System

The IDEX system it is the only extrusion system that allows printing with two independent heads.

Users can increase productivity with Duplication and Mirror modes or create media without the risk of cross-contamination.

BCN3D Omega I60 is equipped with refined IDEX technology, in which the X motors remain stationary during printing.

This minimizes inertia and consequently increases printing speed.

BCN3D Omega I60 IDEX system
HAQ-XY kinematics

Optimized motion architecture

This motion architecture is one of the best systems for 3D printers and CNC machines, as it offers a lightweight, robust and accurate approach.

BCN3D Omega I60 uses an improved version of the kinematic system , placing the pulleys in a more optimal way.

As a result, the system experiences a significant reduction in torsional moments along the X-axis during printing.

These torsional moments are highly unwanted, as they risk affecting the printing activity and, consequently, also the quality of the printed model.

HAQ-XY kinematics of Omega I60
Extremely powerful extrusion system

1.75mm Direct Drive | Bondtech extruders | Hotends Custom E3D Revo

BCN3D Omega I60 is equipped with a extrusion system with industry-leading components, including Bondtech LGX Pro 1.75mm direct-drive extruders, offering greater control and precision.

It also includes customized E3D Revo hotends, which offer best-in-class extrusion reliability and extremely easy and intuitive nozzle changes.

BCN3D Omega I60 extrusion system
High speed

300mm/s | 10m/s²

The Omega I60 features built-in accelerometers and 32-bit electronics, along with a customized version of Marlin 2.1.

This combination enhances the capabilities of BCN3D Omega I60, allowing it to efficiently produce at a speed impressive of 300mm/s and to reach accelerations of 10m/s² .

BCN3D Omega I60 is the only IDEX and high-speed 3D printer on the market, offering users exceptional productivity.

High speed for the BCN3D Omega I60
Actively heated chamber

Internal chamber up to 70°C | Heated surface up to 120°C

A heated room facilitates the printing of technopolymers.

Such temperature control ensures uniform model construction, minimizing the formation of internal stresses.

By heating the chamber to a temperature close to the transition temperature of the glass, relaxation is promoted and internal tensions are eliminated, effectively preventing deformations and breakages.

Once printing is complete, the model is gradually cooled.

All this ensures the best dimensional precision and maximum mechanical life of the molded part.

The heated chamber of the BCN3D Omega I60 reaches up to 70ºC, making it ideal for printing materials such as ASA, PA And ABS, among others.

BCN3D Omega I60 heated chamber
Large print volume

450 x 300 x 450mm | 60 litres

BCN3D Omgea I60 has a print volume of 450 x 300 x 450mm | 60 litres .

This size, together with the actively heated chamber, allows the BCN3D Omega I60 to print large technical parts.

Large print volume of BCN3D Omega I60
Material Operations System (MOS)

For the recovery and correct conservation of filaments

This integrated module offers a great printing experience all-in-one .

MOS allows you to control not only humidity, but also temperature.

Monitoring humidity and internal temperature allows both the recovery of damaged material and preventive heating of the filament before starting printing.

Furthermore, the system allows you to automatically load and unload the filament.

So, if the filament runs out halfway through the job, the machine automatically changes the material.

BCN3D's Omega I60 Material Operations System can reach 75ºC and guarantees a relative humidity of less than 10%.

BCN3D Omega I60 MOS
XYZ autocalibration

Automatic calibration with piezoelectric sensors
The XYZ self-calibration , which uses piezoelectric sensors, eliminates human intervention and guarantees correct adhesion to the plane of the first layer.

Calibration is performed by measuring the height of the print surface (Z) and the offset (XY) between the nozzles at multiple points.

For BCN3D Omega I60, equipped with the IDEX system, XY alignment is essential.

A dedicated calibration zone outside the print bed is used for head alignment.

The heads come into contact with the calibration zone, calculating the positioning and automatically calibrating the offsets, to avoid crossings or misalignments.

BCN3D Omega I60 self-calibration
Other features of BCN3D Omega I60

Integrated camera

Flexible printing bed
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Filament end sensor (FRS)

Barcode sensors

Customized Marlin 2.1 firmware

Light Andon

7 inch touchscreen

Connectivity via WiFi or Ethernet cable
HEPA and Carbon filter

Safety pause ed emergency button
Easily accessible electronics

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