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Anycubic's latest Photon Mono M series resin printer features high print speed, high resolution, and is the first consumer-grade non-leveling printer.

  • 10.1'' 12K screen
  • Free leveling
  • Print speed 3x faster

    Photon Mono M5s is the 12K resolution of its 10.1-inch screen, which achieves an X-precision of 19 microns, with print details as precise as the thickness of a hair.

    Print 3x faster

    Photon Mono M5s is able to reach an average printing speed of 105mm/h. It uses a high-speed release film that can reduce the release force, ensuring a high print success rate by reducing the release height and increasing the lifting speed.

    The first level of consumption without leveling

    A mechanical sensor on the cantilever detects the fit between the build platform and the floating leveling module and automatically adjusts it according to the detection results. This eliminates the risk of leveling errors and improves the success rate of printing.

    Smart, simple and efficient

    Automatic device check

    Through multiple tests on exposure screen connectivity, mechanical sensing module, and motor running status, it quickly detects and fixes hardware problems, ensuring smooth, non-destructive connections to help achieve successful printing.

    Resin detection

    To reduce printing errors caused by insufficient resin, the resin detection mode is preset to intelligently detect whether the amount of resin in the vat meets the printing requirements before printing. Minimizes printing errors due to resin shortage.

    Print the state survey

    The print status tracking feature will provide reminders for common errors such as reaching the bottom of the print, significantly reducing resin waste and time. It can also intelligently analyze the causes of failures and provide effective suggestions to ensure printing efficiency.

    AnyCubic application

    Popular sliced/STL models available for one-tap 3D printing experience. The activity view ensures that you are in control of the printing process.

    Updated Anycubic Photon Workshop 3.1

    • Smart Mode: In the new version of Anycubic Photon Workshop 3.1 slicing software, the "Intelligent Mode" option can intelligently match the exposure parameters according to the details and size of the model, reducing the risk of printing errors caused by incorrect settings of the parameters.
    • New Support Algorithm: the new support algorithm further improves the printing stability and success rate, reduces the damage to the model surface, facilitates the removal of the supports and bottom valves. Fully improve the speed of drilling and slicing, making slicing easier to use.

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