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Alphabot robotic platform – in kit

Alphabot robotic platform – in kit

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AlphaBot is a robotic development platform that can be operated with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. It is composed of a base, on which motors and ball casters are mounted and a motherboard equipped with connectors for inserting Arduino and Raspberry Pi, driver chips for DC and stepper motors, a 10-bit AD acquisition chip which allows Raspberry Pi to use analog sensors, infrared obstacle detector, fork photo switches to measure the speed of motors, sensor module for line tracking, a 5V voltage regulator, status LED, IR receiver to control the robot via remote control IR (included), battery holder for 2 18650 batteries (not included).

It is also designed for the insertion of the following products (not included): shield for Arduino, Bluetooth module, NRF24L01 2.4 GHz transceiver module, ultrasonic module and RC servo. Dimensions (mm): 210x150x70, weight: 556 grams. Particularly suitable for those who want to create a robot with wheels simply, quickly and without too many flying connection cables.

The package includes: the motherboard, the base, two wheels, a ball caster, two gear motors with speed wheel, two fork photo switches, two IR sensors for obstacle detection, a module for line detection, an IR remote control, screws and spacers.

Ultrasonic obstacle detector Infrared obstacle detector
Camera with Pan Tilt Line follower
Technical features
  1. Connector for inserting Raspberry Pi
  2. Connector for inserting Arduino
  3. Connector for connecting motors
  4. Connector for connecting the ultrasound module
  5. Connector for connecting RC Servos
  6. Connector for connecting the obstacle detector module
  7. Connector for connecting the speed measurement module
  8. Battery holder for 2 18650 batteries
  9. Pads for soldering a connector to which an external power supply can be connected
  10. Connector for inserting an Arduino shield
  11. UART interface: to connect the Bluetooth module, to control the remote robot via Bluetooth
  12. SPI interface: for connecting the NRF24L01 wireless module
  13. Connector for connecting the line tracking module
  14. TLC1543: 10-bit AD acquisition chip, allows Raspberry Pi to use analog sensors
  15. LM298P chip: dual full bridge driver for DC and stepper motors, peak output current per channel: 2 A
  16. Anti-reverse diode
  17. Power switch
  18. LM2596 5V voltage regulator
  19. Power status LED
  20. UART Switch: To enable/disable serial communication between Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  21. IR receiver: allows you to control the robot via an IR remote control
  22. Raspberry Pi / Arduino Selection Switch: Allows you to select Raspberry Pi or Arduino to control the robot
Some simple applications

Documentation and useful links
  • Wiki
  • Apps:

  • Ultrasonic sensor support (to be made with a 3D printer)

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