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Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

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Duration: E-learning + 2 Practice Days
Intermediate level

Fly across the sky - See a new world

Compared to traditional photography, aerial photography offers more angles from which creators can capture the world. Drones are becoming a popular tool for travelers, wedding photographers, journalists and bloggers.
It has been found that drone pilots can have excellent flying qualities but then, not having a good knowledge of photography and video, they are unable to make the best use of DJI drone cameras and camcorders.

Through this DJI drone photography course, aimed at those who already have experience in the world of DJI drones, you will become an excellent DJI certified photographer and video maker worldwide.

Educational objectives

Become a highly experienced photo and video maker and use DJI drone cameras thanks to this DJI drone photography course
Acquire a DJI certification, recognized worldwide, which will lead the drone pilot to work with medium and high level companies.
Distinguish yourself from non-certified drone pilots and give the customer more confidence.
Become an expert in video editing and aerial photography optimization.

Curriculum program

The aerial photography course takes place in 2 phases


The first phase is dedicated to online preparatory learning and the following topics will be covered:

Basic knowledge of multi-rotor drones, flight safety and principles of aerial photography


The second phase, dedicated to on-site learning, will be divided into two days.

Day 1

During the first day, which will take place in the classroom, the fundamental principles and main techniques of aerial photography will be explored with practical examples applied to DJI products and photographic and audiovisual post-production techniques will be introduced.

Day 2

The second day will take place on the airfield and will be dedicated to practical learning.

Flight maneuvers will be carried out aimed at acquiring safe control over the framing and photographic composition. Using the DJI control apps, the tools and settings needed to achieve advanced control over photographic exposure parameters will be applied.


Flight safety education

Optimized flight operations

Basic aerial video techniques

Basic aerial photography techniques


Advanced aerial video techniques

Advanced aerial photography techniques

Photo and video post production

Like working on a movie set

dji academy instructor and drone pilot

All aspiring DJI drone pilots will be required to take the standard tests after the training course, including the theory exam and the practical test. The DJI Academy - UTC certificate will be issued to those who pass the final test, in recognition of their UAS operations and application capabilities.

The DJI Academy certificate is issued directly by DJI and is valid worldwide. The same is verifiable from the official website of the DJI Academy worldwide.
Even if you are already an Easa certified pilot, the DJI certificate will allow you to be recognized as a specialist in the sector and work on higher level projects.

Drone pilot license and DJI Academy Utc certification

UTC certification

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