Winblu support


Warranty years: 2 or 3, depending on the warranty purchased - 6 months on battery and accessories

Warranty Type: Pick Up & Return , Carry-In or On site , based on the warranty purchased:

    • Pick Up & Return : the warranty provides for the collection and repair of the defective product at the Win Blue Production Center, without additional costs ( if the defect is covered by the warranty conditions, excluding battery and accessories );

    • Carry-In : the warranty provides for the replacement of the faulty component ONLY , at the dealer who will refer to the manufacturer

    • On Site : the guarantee provides for the intervention of an authorized Win blu technician at the Customer / Reseller's home, for the repair of the machine;

    • Shipping costs: one way;

    • Return type: replaced / repaired.

NB : in the event that the faulty product is no longer available, a replacement with a similar or superior product from another manufacturer will be proposed.

For blue Win Servers / Workstations , the Carry-In Advanced Replacement guarantee will be applied, where applicable, provided by manufacturers that provide this service.

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