Trade in your old Drone

How the trade-in works

The Exchange for the purchase of a new product is now a common practice when we talk about cars and motorcycles.

3Digital, among the few in Italy, is also adopting the exchange tool for the purchase of new drones.

Trade-in benefits

  1. Significantly lower the outlay for the vehicle to be purchased new.
    In some cases you can get hold of the latest technologically advanced drone, with a very minimal difference by trading in the old model.
  2. Reset the time for the purchase of the new one.
    You don't have to wait to sell the old product, bringing in the used Drone, having made the appropriate evaluation, you are ready to collect the new one.
  3. Eliminate all problems related to the sale of used.
    In this case, beyond the exhausting negotiations, the various risks and hassles associated with difficulties in payments, deliveries, various tests and last but not least possible scams are eliminated.


At our shop

It's very simple, just go with the used drone to our Store:

Via Cervano 67/A
31020 San Pietro di Feletto TV
Tel 0438 1693056

The technicians will evaluate the perfect functionality of the product, and in a few minutes the new Drone will be in possession.

Remote commute

You can use the evaluation request form on this page.