Meltio Engine CNC integration

Transform any machine tool into a hybrid manufacturing system with no inherent size constraints. The Meltio Engine is the ideal CNC complement for manufacturing, repairing and adding near net shape features.

Data sheet
Integration of hybrid production
The most cost-effective hybrid manufacturing solution, suitable for almost all CNC machines on the market. Enable metal 3D printing and machining of complex geometries in one step of the process.

Hybrid production
Create highly complex parts with machining tolerances in the same process.

Bring new capabilities to any CNC machine by transforming it into a hybrid metal manufacturing system.

Repair of parts
Cost-effective repair of components, augment parts and add functionality.

Geometry Freedom
No inherent constraints when the work area is limited only by the size of the motion system.

Meltio Engine specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH):

Print Envelope (XxYxZ):
inherent in the movement system


Laser power:

Laser type:
plus 200W direct diode lasers

Laser Wavelength:

Process control:
closed loop, laser and wire modulation

Power input:
208/230V single-phase or 400V three-phase

Energy consumption:
2-5 kW peak depending on options selected

Wire feed:
from one K300 spool up to two external wire drums

Power wire:
Wire diameter 0.8-1.2mm

Cooling down:
water-cooled chiller included

Hardware integration

Active mounting hardware, where the deposition head is stored in a sealed pouch when not in use and is automatically deployed when needed.

Retracted Dimensions (L*D*H):
Dimensions unretracted (W*D*H):

CNC requirements

The minimum requirements for a correct integration of the Meltio Engine with a CNC machine are:

  • Spindle motors can handle the extra weight
  • The timing mechanism can be mounted without collisions
  • Eight unused M-code controlled relays
  • Possibility to add a NO relay to the feed hold
  • Ability to add resume/start feed buttons
  • Laser safety windows can be fitted
  • The system can lock all doors and windows


Upgrades and accessories

Hot wire
Programmable feeder that preheats the material to increase the deposition rate.
Double thread
This option allows you to 3D print two wire materials in sequence with very fast wire changes.
Sturdy table with wheels in stainless steel and aluminum. Contains drawers for tools and materials.
Laser calibration system
It allows users to calibrate Meltio's multi-laser deposition head accurately and effortlessly before each print.