The application fields of Meltio

Metal 3D printing applications

From laboratory research to part replacement, Meltio enables applications across industrial prototyping, molds and dies, one-offs, short runs, mass production, maintenance and repairs.

SS316L ‚Äď Engine Manifold

Meltio Engine Robot
Size: 205 x 360 x 473mm
Weight: 5.22kg
Print Time: 19h 23min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨95.86

Ti64 ‚Äď Watch Bezels

Meltium M450
Size: 53.37 x 44.59 x 10.85mm
Weight: 29.22kg
Print Time: 5h 40min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨31.09

SS316L ‚Äď Naval Propeller

Meltio Engine Robot
Size: 600 √ė mm
Weight: 12.1kg
Print Time: 43h 40min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨189.71

SS316L ‚Äď Glass Mold Core

Meltium M450
Size: 158.5 x 79.3 x 144.3mm
Weight: 6kg
Print Time: 24 hours
Print Cost: ‚ā¨103.44

SS316L ‚Äď Rotary Screw Compressor

Meltio Engine Robot
Size: 75x75x230mm
Weight: 2.55kg
Print Time: 7h 23min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨31.81

SS316L ‚Äď Combustion Chamber

Meltium M450
Size: 110.5 x 110.5 x 170mm
Weight: 4.88kg
Print Time: 27h 30min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨97.09

SS316L ‚Äď Blisk

Meltio Engine Robot
Size: 500x500x60mm
Weight: 9.15kg
Print Time: 26h 25min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨114.07

SS316L ‚Äď Prototype Bearing Block

Meltium M450
Size: 143x143x75mm
Weight: 6.5kg
Print Time: 24h 38min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨106.23

SS316L ‚Äď Helical Coil

Meltio Engine Robot
Size: 60 √ė, 354 x 376 x 525 mm
Weight: 3.56kg

Print Time: 13h 46min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨56.55

SS316L ‚Äď Bagging Nozzle

Meltium M450
Size: 99 x 116 x 258mm
Weight: 1.78kg
Print Time: 6h 15min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨31.03

SS316L ‚Äď Spherical Tank

Meltio Engine Robot
Size: 500 √ėmm
Weight: 29.6kg
Print Time: 81h 20min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨433.07

SS316L ‚Äď Turbo Impeller

Meltio Engine Robot
Size: 140.3 x 140.3 x 47.7mm
Weight: 1.85kg
Print Time: 5h 48min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨27.87

SS316L ‚Äď Overhang test

Meltio Engine Robot
Size: √ė 350 mm, H 180 mm
Weight: 2.14kg
Print Time: 6h 26min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨31.91

SS308 ‚Äď Spline Shaft

Meltium M450
Size: 132x132x193mm
Weight: 6.6kg
Print Time: 30 hours
Print Cost: ‚ā¨107.44

SS316L ‚Äď Topology Beam

Meltio Engine Robot
Size: 170 x 130 x 900mm
Weight: 5.95kg
Print Time: 19h 5min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨90.12

Ti64 ‚Äď Aircraft Engine Mount

Meltium M450
Size: 95.6 x 95.6 x 215.75mm
Weight: 502g
Print Time: 3h 50min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨50.86

SS316L ‚Äď Fan Blade

Meltio Engine Robot
Dimensions: 219 x 133 x 1700 mm
Weight: 13.9kg
Print Time: 46h 34min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨212.76

IN718 ‚Äď Gas Turbine Fan Blade

Meltium M450
Size: 35x75x135mm
Weight: 1.11kg
Print Time: 3h 10min
Print Cost: <‚ā¨67.85

Ti64 ‚Äď Knee Implant

Meltium M450
Size: 99x77x51mm
Weight: 0.41kg
Print Time: 2 hours
Print Cost: ‚ā¨38.32

SS316L ‚Äď Airfoil Cooling Blade

Meltium M450
Size: 200x152x55mm
Weight: 526g
Print Time: 3h 50min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨12.17

SS316L ‚Äď Mining Drill Bit

Meltium M450
Size: 96.5 x 96.44 x 91.3mm
Weight: 3kg
Print Time: 10h 5min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨48.33

SS316L ‚Äď Injection Mold Half

Meltium M450
Size: 140x140x297mm
Weight: 15kg
Print Time: 70 hours
Print Cost: ‚ā¨245.53

SS316L ‚Äď Piston Prototype

Meltium M450
Size: 29x29x52mm
Weight: 765g
Print Time: 3h 30min
Print Cost: ‚ā¨12.34