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DJI warrants that each product you purchase is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period for a DJI product begins upon receipt of the product. The warranty periods are those specified in the "warranty duration" paragraph. All damages caused by the customer or by negligence in the use of the product are NOT covered by the guarantee.
The return applies within 14 days of purchase only for products with unopened guarantee seal. Check the rules and overdrafts of the return in the appropriate paragraph.
The products subject to DJI care or DJI refresh will be replaced after checking the European center in about 15 working days.
Non-warranty assistance costs ‚ā¨ 80.00 per hour plus the parts needed for the repair. The customer will receive a quote and will have the right not to accept it. In this case he will be charged ‚ā¨ 30.50 ic for file management.
This is an extract of the general regulation that you can find in the original language on the official DJI page " ".
By purchasing a DJI product or service, you automatically accept the conditions of sale indicated on the official page of the manufacturer.


For individuals, the return can be made within 14 days of delivery by notifying us at the email address . The refund will be made by bank transfer within 3 to 7 working days.


The return of a sealed product can only take place together with the gift, which is also sealed. During the return phase, if there is no free product, the entire amount of the free gift will be deducted. See chart below for exact return conditions.

Returns are not possible for invoiced orders.


‚ÄĘ for digital products, "I agree to lose the right of withdrawal if I download or if I receive the code via an email service";
‚ÄĘ for services, "I agree to lose the right of withdrawal after the complete provision of the service";
‚ÄĘ I accept that the DJI Care, DJI Refresh and DJI Shield digital product is non-refundable, losing the right of withdrawal.
‚ÄĘ I accept the 50% penalty for returns/cancellations after 14 days of purchase.
‚ÄĘ I accept the 30% penalty within 14 days of purchasing Courses if the teaching material has already been sent.


For products in which damage is found, not caused by the user, if presented within 14 working days, they will be handled with maximum priority.
If the problem highlighted by the customer is found, the product will be replaced at the seller's expense with a new sealed one, based on availability and the presence of the DJI CARE R policy active on the vehicle, there could be waiting times of around 7/14 days .
If, on the other hand, the assistance center proves that the product has been damaged by the customer, the same will be sent via ordinary paid assistance.
For products which, despite presenting a manufacturing defect, are presented after 14 working days, the same will go to ordinary warranty assistance at the European centre.

The shipping costs necessary for the replacement of the products are charged to the customer.


If at the end of the procedure the customer does not collect the product within 40 working days, he will have to pay a penalty of ‚ā¨ 20.00 ic
The assistance center will be responsible only for the items on the packing list. Any extra accessories such as: phones, tablets, non-Dji accessories, etc will be the responsibility of the customer.
If the customer sends a product with missing parts, he will have to return the missing parts at his own expense or the file cannot be processed.


The various types of guarantees accepted are listed below:

Below is the classification of the products:


The customer is covered by the standard warranty. Below you will find the full regulation:

The customer has the right to the guarantee, in the periods indicated in the complete regulation, unless it was he who caused the damage to the product.
To access the warranty, the customer must upload all the logs on the mobile / tablet device he used together with the product controller to the cloud. If he does not have the logs, the customer will not be entitled to the guarantee. Thanks to the logs DJI can check whether or not there has been a malfunction of the product.


The customer is covered by the fully comprehensive guarantee for a period of 12 months. Below you will find the full regulation:

The customer is also entitled to the guarantee for damages caused by him by paying the cost of the repair excess. The care includes 2 assistances with deductible with different price to be specified to the customer. Round trip expenses are included in the price.
The following must be specified to the customer:

-The product can be repaired or replaced with a regenerated one with a different serial number and different activation date. For this reason, if the product is registered for ENAC specialized operations, the customer, at his own expense, will have to change the authorization procedure by communicating the new serial
-The product will be sent to the parent company in the Netherlands to the most qualified service center which will take approximately 15 working days to deliver it back.


The product is sent for assistance in a priority manner directly to our office.
The DJI specialist will have to explain to the customer that if no damage caused by him is found, the product will be replaced with a new one directly by us without waiting for the official DJI guarantee.
The average control times are around 2 working days.


The customer is covered by the fully comprehensive guarantee for a period of 12 months. Unlike the previous point, since he did not purchase the drone from us but only the refresh, he will have to pay the return costs quantified as ‚ā¨ 50.00 + VAT.
In this category there will also be customers who bought the drone from us but the care refresh from the DJI.COM website.
The rest of the rules and clarifications remain unchanged from the previous point.


Electronics and control unit: 24 months - Gimbal and camera: 6 months - Positioning system: 6 months - Radio control: 24 months - Batteries: 6 months with less than 200 recharge cycles - Battery charger: 6 months - Frame: without warranty - Propellers: without warranty ‚Äď Gimbal motors: 6 months ‚Äď Gimbal mechanical parts: 24 months.

Consumer rights

For consumers, who are covered by consumer protection laws or regulations in their country of purchase or, if different, their country of residence, the benefits conferred by DJI's after-sales policy are in addition to all rights and remedies conveyed by such consumer protection laws and regulations, including but not limited to these additional rights.
Under European consumer laws, consumers are entitled to a free repair or replacement by the seller of defective goods or goods that do not comply with the sales contract. Furthermore, the consumer may request an appropriate price reduction or termination of the contract, if the consumer is not entitled to either repair or replacement or if the seller has not effected the remedy within a reasonable period, or if the seller has not completed the remedy without significant inconvenience for the consumer or the reimbursement by the seller, of defective goods or goods not in compliance with the sales contract. However, the consumer is not entitled to have the contract terminated in the minor lack of conformity.
For more information on the laws and particularities of consumption in the country of purchase or, if different, the country of residence, please visit the European Consumer Center website at index_en.htm
Customers in the EEA can contact DJI at the above address.
The civil and criminal liability for Italy lies with DJI ‚Äď Industriestrasse 12, 97618 Niederlauer, Germany, or, Bijdorp-oost 6, 2992LA, Barendrecht, The Netherlands.

The guarantee in case of billing is reduced to 12 months

To open the request for assistance visit this page.