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After Sales Services and Return Policy


Part ‚Ö† - Limited Warranty
Part ‚Ö° - General terms
Part ‚ÖĘ - Warranty period

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Products sold by Anycubic or authorized Anycubic resellers come with a unique security code which you can find in the product listing or by contacting Anycubic at with the receipt of the order for confirmation.

What is covered

Under this Limited Warranty, Anycubic warrants that any Anycubic product purchased will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period for different products and parts varies, please check part ‚ÖĘ - Warranty period or contact the support team ( ) to check the warranty duration for your particular product or parts. The warranty period for a product begins on the day that product is delivered, unless otherwise agreed between the user and Anycubic.

This manufacturer-provided limited warranty in no way affects a potential statutory warranty.

How to Obtain Warranty Service

If a product does not perform as warranted during the warranty period, you can get after-sales service by contacting Anycubic support at and letting them know what they can do to help you. It may save you time for first-time troubleshooting by going to the FAQ page or looking at the instruction manuals before filing a warranty claim.

What Anycubic will do

Anycubic will attempt to diagnose and resolve the problem by email. Anycubic can direct you to download and install particular software updates.
If the problem cannot be resolved by email or by applying software updates, Anycubic will arrange for replacement of accessories if the problem falls under this Limited Warranty.

For quality-related warranty claims, items will be replaced with a factory refurbished model of equal value when available, otherwise a new item will be sent. Warranties on all replacements follow the same warranty period as the original defective item.

* The warranty period may vary based on local laws and regulations.

The use of personal contact information

By obtaining after sales service under this policy, you authorize Anycubic to store your contact information, including your name, telephone number, shipping address and email address. They will protect the security of your information.


Anycubic warrants that, under the following conditions, the Replacement Service and the Warranty Repair Service may be requested. Contact Anycubic or your authorized 3Digital reseller for more details. You will be required to complete a refund or repair form, which should be sent to us with the product.

Request replacement service

‚ąö Within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of the product if the product does not match the original product description in one or more significant aspects.
‚ąö Within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt of the product if the product has a performance problem.

Replacement Service will not be provided where

√ó Service is required after more than fifteen (15) calendar days after receiving a product.
√ó Legal proof of purchase, receipts or invoices are not provided or are reasonably believed to have been forged or tampered with.
√ó A product sent to 3Digital for replacement does not include all original accessories, attachments and packaging or contains items damaged by user error.
√ó A product is found to be free of defects after Anycubic has conducted all appropriate tests.
√ó Any product defect or damage caused by unauthorized use or modification of the product, including exposure to moisture, ingress of foreign objects (water, oil, sand, etc.), or improper installation or operation.
√ó Product labels, serial numbers, water damage, etc. have signs of tampering or alteration.
√ó Damage is caused by uncontrollable external factors, including fire, flood, strong winds or lightning.
√ó The product received was not returned to Anycubic seven (7) calendar days after Anycubic confirmed the replacement.
√ó It is not possible to provide proof of damage in transit issued by the carrier.
√ó Other circumstances indicated in this policy.

Shipping costs are to be covered by the buyer in the following situations

‚ąö Return of products for any reason other than an ascertained defect

‚ąö Buyer Accidental Returns

‚ąö Return of personal items

‚ąö Returning items that have been claimed to have defects, but Anycubic's QC found they are in working order

‚ąö Return of defective items with international shipping

‚ąö Costs associated with unauthorized returns (any returns made outside the approved warranty process)

Replacement of parts for quality issues

All quality defects of items sold directly by 3Digital are covered by a broad guarantee starting from the date of purchase. The replacement part provided by Anycubic may not be new, but it will be in good condition and at least functionally equivalent to the original product or part warranty. A replacement part will be covered for the time remaining under the original product warranty.

What to do before getting the after-sales service

‚ąö Buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase

‚ąö Anycubic needs to make sure what happens when buyers have a problem with the product
‚ąö Serial number of the defective item and / or visible evidence of the defect are required
‚ąö You may need to return an item for quality control

Valid proof of purchase:

  • Order number from online purchases made through Anycubic authorized resellers (3Digital)
  • Sales invoice
  • Dated sales receipt from an authorized Anycubic reseller showing a description of the product along with its price

Please note that it may take more than one type of proof of purchase to process a warranty claim (such as a money transfer receipt and confirmation of the address to which the item was originally shipped).





Warranty period

Service method


Kossel Series

Mega Series



4Max Pro


Printing head

3 months

User or agent repair


6 months

Other main components

(Except tools)

12 months



Photon Zero

Photon S

Photon Mono

Photon Mono SE

Photon Mono X

Wash & Cure Machine

Wash & Cure Machine 2.0

Wash & Cure Plus Machine

LCD screen

3 months

User or agent repair

Other main components

ÔľąExcept tools and FEP filmÔľČ

12 months