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Dji Agras T10 and T30 available internationally, so communicates the Chinese giant DJI in a note that appeared on their website.

It is now well established that precision agriculture is in turmoil for the use of increasingly sophisticated drones, various initiatives around the world are implementing a new and interesting technology capable of revolutionizing the entire sector.

The news that the Dji Agras T10 and T30 drones will be distributed in many other countries bodes well for a strategic development in further areas, considering that they will be marketed in 10 countries!


The Agras T30 and T10 have been developed in collaboration with farmers to make aerial precision farming more accessible and affordable than ever, allowing drone technology to improve their productivity.

The Dji Agras T30 is the new flagship of Dji for digital agriculture. With a 30 liter spray tank and a 40 kilogram payload it has a spray radius of around 9 meters, thus covering around 16 hectares in just one hour of operation.

The Dji Agras T10 instead it is a more compact solution, the younger brother of the T30 but just as powerful. With an 8 liter spray tank it offers a spray width of 5 meters, covering approximately 6 hectares per hour.

Both models are equipped with a whole series of technical safety features, first of all the spherical radar system capable of canceling any potential collision during flight, even in extreme conditions. The double FPV camera that allows the pilot to have a front and rear view during the flight, so as to have everything under control.

The remote control supplied with the Dji Agras T10 and T30 supports stable image transmission up to 5 kilometers away. Obviously both drones are equipped with Gps RTK for centimeter positioning.

In order to be used in harsh environments, both the Dji Agras T10 and T30 have been designed and built to achieve an IP67 degree of protection which gives them the necessary protection for regular use of liquid fertilizers and exposure to dust and corrosion.

The T30 and T10 represent the latest and most technological products of the Agras line, to date they have been sold beyond 50,000 Agras drones worldwide.

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